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Hire a handyman if you have a single, massive home remodeling project that must not wait and must be completed with many people and resources.


It’s hard to beat a qualified professional for all your home’s repair and maintenance needs. So it is recommendable to hire a handyman for your next home improvement job for:

  • Quicker and easier repair.
  • Skill to perform the job properly
  • Safety and security reasons
  • To avoid continuous repairs

There are a few guidelines to follow when planning your finances for home repairs. Two approaches determine the cost: 


One percent rule: one percent of your home’s value per year should be set aside for repair. That’s $4,000 yearly or $400 monthly, on a home costing $400,000.


Ten percent of the sum of your annual mortgage: tax and insurance premium payments is another solid rule; if your monthly outlays for taxes, mortgage, and insurance amount to $2,000, you should put away an additional $200 monthly to cover your home repairs.

Yes! Your hardwood is repairable. Your hardwood floor can be saved with a bit of refinishing work. However, the extent of the damage and the type of flooring you have all play a role in determining the best repair approaches. 


How deep are the scuffs, gouges, dents, gaps, water damage, or level of fading? If your hardwood floor has a superficial scratch, the extent of this damage is critical to explain. Nothing is above a repair but may require intense methods. Just relax and get in touch with us once and for all flooring repairs.

The cost of your bathroom repair may be far cheaper than you anticipated. The average bathroom cost is well over $2,000, while some may be had for as little as $1,000.


The typical cost of a bathroom repair is around $9,000. Nevertheless, this number can range widely depending on the scope of the work. Consider a wide range of possibilities. The below factors determine the actual repair price.

  1. The Price of Raw Materials
  2. Patterns already in place
  3. Addition of new materials
  4. Labor


Remember that tub/shower repair offers the highest return on investment of any bathroom project. The cost to restore your tub to a pristine condition will extend its useful life for many years.

Painting your home is a smart financial move because it protects your investment from weather and wears and tear. Surface type, paint quality, and visible signs of wear will determine how often you should repaint your home’s exterior.


A few telltale indicators indicate how often you should paint your house. Taking corrective action without delay is in your best interest if you discover:

  1. Your house is fading
  2. Its time to sell
  3. When you think you need it
  4. A dried-out and cracked walls
  5. Paint before it shows symptoms of wear and damage